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Knitted Rainbow Colour Wheel Clock









Knitted Rainbow Colour Wheel Clock

Whilst perusing Poundstretcher the other day I spotted a cheap and cheerful clock.  Thinking perhaps that I could “bling” it up a bit I made my rash purchase (£1.99!) and headed home to rummage for inspiration amongst “The Stash”.  This is the end result, a Rainbow Colour Wheel Clock.  I’m sure you guys will come up with your own colour schemes but maybe this will help to get you started 😊


You’ll need:
One Clock – mine had a face with a diameter of 6.5 inches / 16.5 centimetres





One pair of 3.5 mm knitting needles
Oddments of double knitting weight yarn (I used 12 different colours)
Some brightly coloured buttons for your “numbers”
A chunky sewing needle.

Cast on 20 stitches (my clock face had a diameter of 6.5”/16.5cm so you may need to adjust your number of stitches accordingly)
Row 1 – knit
Row 2 – knit 18, turn
Row 3 and each alternate row (up to and including row 17) – slip first stitch, knit to end
Row 4 – knit 16, turn
Row 6 – knit 14, turn
Row 8 – knit 12, turn
Row 10 – knit 10, turn
Row 12 – knit 8, turn
Row 14 – knit 6, turn
Row 16 – knit 4, turn
Row 18 – knit 2, change to next colour and repeat from row 1.
Continue to do this until you have 12 segments then cast off.
Stitch the cast on and cast off segments together to join the circle but make sure you leave a hole in the centre for the pointers.
Cut a piece of cardboard the same diameter as your clock face.
Thread up your sewing needle with some extra yarn and using a running stitch catch the loop of each end stitch around the circle, don’t fasten off, just leave the end loose.
Make a hole in the centre of your card then place it on the wrong side of your knitted circle. Pull the running stitches tight so that the card is now secured then fasten off.
Stitch your buttons in the centre of each colour segment close to the edge of the circle.
Remove the clear cover from the face of your clock. Pull the pin from the centre of the pointers so that you can remove them. Push your card circle into the clock then replace the pointers. You may need to trim or bend the pointers up so that they clear the buttons and don’t become snagged in the knitted fabric.  Once you’re happy that they are spinning properly, replace the clear cover and enjoy!
Don’t forget to share your photos, we’d love to see them 😊

A Festival Blanket for Glastonbury

I’ve taken a short break from my knitting needles and crochet hook to enable me to blow the dust off my sewing machine and engineer myself a Festival Blanket! I say engineer because I kept thinking of things to add to it. The result will no doubt make me look completely ridiculous (hubby thinks I look like an over grown Quality Street), however, I don’t care because I’ll be warm, dry and ridiculous!

Here is the result. Can you think of any more “useful” additions?

So far:
I can sit on it like any ordinary picnic blanket (it has a waterproof fabric on one side and fleece on the other)

I can wear it like some crazed super hero cape

I can zip the lower part up so my legs don’t get cold/wet

I can sit in it (sort of like a sleeping bag – I’ll have to stop hubby placing me in it upside down!)

I have pockets which just happen to be the right size for a tinny or two  
but can also act as mittens or even sleeves (they are a folded piece of fabric which I didn’t stitch along the base.

Oh, and I almost forgot – it has a hood too with toggles so I can batten down the hatches.

I guess that now I’ve created this blanket it will be nothing but glorious sunshine.
Never mind eh?! 

I’ll “test drive” my blanket at Glastonbury and if it behaves in the right way I’ll post up “how to make your own festival blanket” on the blog so keep watching!

Chubby Dub Crochet Pattern for a Diddy Campervan

This little Chubby Dub Campervan may only be diddy but he’s got character!

He measures approximately 10cm (4 inches) long and 6cm (just over 2 inches) tall.

To make him you’ll need:

4mm crochet hook
oddments of Double Knitting yarn (I used three colours: Red, White and Grey).
a small amount of stuffing
two small buttons for headlamps (mine measured 1cm/just under 1/2 inch)
2 small orange beads for indicators
1 small ring for a badge (I used jewellery findings)
4 buttons for wheels (2.5 cm/7/8th inch)

(Please note: I am based in the UK and this pattern is written using UK terminology which differs from U.S. crochet terms)

ch – chain
dc – double crochet (this is the same as U.S. single crochet)
st/s – stitch/stitches
tog – together
bl – back loops – this refers to the two loops lying on top of your stitch, the back loop is the one furthest from you
Ldtr – this refers to a long double treble (a double treble is the same as a U.S. treble).  It overlays on top of your work and instructions are shown further on in the pattern.

Instructions (in U.K. terms)

Using 4mm hook and White (W), work 12ch.
(You will be working in rounds from now on, no need to turn your work or slip stitch unless stated otherwise.  When changing colour, work the last yarn over of the stitch prior to the change in your new colour)

start with 12ch

Round 1 – work 3dc into 2nd ch from hook, 1dc into each of next 9ch, 6dc into last ch, now, working down opposite side of ch: 1dc into each of next 9ch, 3dc into last ch (30sts)

Round 2 – 2dc into each of next 2sts, 11dc, 2dc into each of next 4sts, 11dc, 2dc into each of next 2 sts (38sts)

round 2 complete

Round 3 – 2dc, 2dc into each of next 2sts, 12dc, 2dc into each of next 2sts, 3dc, 2dc into each of next 2sts, 12dc, 2dc into each of next 2sts, 1dc (46sts).  Place a marker at the end of this round.

place a marker (just a small length of yarn is fine)

Round 4 – 44dc working last yarn over in Grey (there are actually 46sts but you only need to work 44 on this round)

Round 5 – 4dcGbl (bl stands for Back of Loops), 1dcW, 2dcW into next st, 1dcW, 14dcGbl, 2dcW into next st, 6dcGbl, 2dcW into next st, 14dcGbl, 1dcW, 2dcW into next st, 1dcW (50sts)

working grey stitches into the back loops and white stitches as usual

end of round 5

Round 6 – 5dcG, 3dcW, (1dcW, 1dcG) into next st, 14dcG, 2dcW into next st, 7dcG, 2dcW into next st, 14dcG, (1dcG, 1dcW) into next st, 3dcW (54sts)

Round 7 – 6dcG, 2dcW, 2dcW into next st, dc2togG, 14dcG, 2dcW into next st, 8dcG, 2dcW into next st, 14dcG, dc2togG, 2dcW into next st, 2dcW (56sts)
Break Grey and continue in White

Round 8 – 6dcbl, 4dc, (4dcbl, 1Ldtr) twice (Ldtr is a long double treble – see photos below for instruction), 5dcbl, 2dc, 8dcbl, 2dc, 5dcbl, (1Ldtr, 4dcbl) twice, 4dc working last yarn over in Main Colour (56sts)

work Ldtr into 5th loop

To work long double treble: yarn over twice, insert hook through 5th loop as shown, pick up yarn and pull through, (yarn over, pull through first 2 loops on hook) three times so you’re left with one loop again.

Break White and continue in Main Colour

Round 9 – ss into 1st st, 55dc (56sts)

round 9, slip stitch into 1st stitch

Round 10 – 1dc into ss of previous round, 55dc (56sts)

Round 11 to 13 – 56dc per round (56sts)

end of round 13

Round 14 – work a further 6dc working the last yarn over in Grey, break Main Colour and continuing in Grey, ss into back loop of next st.

round 14 starts with 6dc in main colour and 1 slip stitch in grey

Working in Back Loops of all stitches on this round: dc2tog twice, 15dc, dc2tog twice, 5dc, dc2tog twice, 15dc, dc2tog twice, 4dc (48sts)

end of round 14 and ready to start round 15

Round 15 – working 1st st into ss of previous round: 1dc, dc3tog, 14dc, dc3tog, 4dc, dc3tog, 14dc, dc3tog, 3dc (40sts)

Round 16 – dc2tog x 2, 11dc, dc2tog x 2, 1dc, dc2tog x 2, 11dc, dc2tog x 2, 1dc (32sts)

Round 17 – dc3tog, 10dc, dc3tog x 2, 10dc, dc3tog (24sts)

Round 18 – dc2tog, 9dc, dc3tog, 9dc, dc2tog (20sts)

round 18 finished, ready to sew up your campervan and add some bling!

Fasten off, stuff and then stitch closed.

Now for the fun bit!  Stitch on the wheels, button lights, bead indicators and maybe a little ring for the badge. I added a row of chain stitches front and back for the bumpers.

If you fancy a flower power camper, why not add some embellishments!

We’d love to see what you’ve made so please share a photo of your finished Chubby Dub Campervan with over on our Facebook page:

If you’d like to download the FREE pattern instructions for this little fella, please click the following link to enter our shop, he’s in the crochet patterns section: The Slightly-Sheepish Shop (these instructions are written only, no photographs).

New VW Beetle / Bug inspired Cushion

It’s taken me a while to get this how I wanted it but I’ve finally managed to make a crocheted Beetle Cushion! I hope you like it!

I’m hoping to get the pattern written up soon and will add it to the shop so please keep watching 🙂

Beetle Cushion DSCN3715

Black Friday or Happy Friday?

splitty campervan cushion knitting pattern

It’s not BlackFriday here at Slightly-Sheepish, it’s Happy Friday! We’re giving you a 50% discount on our knitting, sewing and crochet patterns until 9am (GMT) tomorrow! Come and browse the website. Once decided just enter “Happy Friday” in the “apply coupon” box at checkout.
Happy shopping and don’t forget to tell your friends! 🙂
(Excludes Wendy Patterns).

Campervan Themed Knit and Crochet Kits now on the website!

Phew! It’s been a little hectic lately!
I had lots of design commissions for “Wendy” Yarns
Then we had Yarndale which was a wonderful woolly festival here in Skipton!
So many people at Yarndale were already buying Christmas presents (sorry, am I allowed to say the “C” word in October?!?) that I thought I’d better get my act together and add some kits to our website.
The result is that we now have yarn kits available for the
and Splitscreen Campervan Shoulder Bags
Splitty Crocheted Campervan Shoulder Bag
Campervan Hot Water Bottle Cover
Campervan Hot Water Bottle Kit
Crocheted Splitty Campervan Cushion

and last but not least the

Knitted Splitty, Bay and Beetle Cushions.

All available in a variety of colours and with or without needles/hooks!
Of course you don’t have to give them as Christmas Gifts – you can just keep them all to yourself 😉
Have fun!

Crochet your own Campervan

Up until now most of my Campervan projects have been knitted so I thought it was time to give crochet a go.

I’ve had the idea of making a 3D model of a Campervan in the back of my mind for a while and crochet seemed like a great way to make something pretty structured.  The Campervan is made in double knitting yarn.  It is supported with plastic tapestry canvas sandwiched in between two layers of crochet. It has a set of seats too – you’ll just have to keep watching as I still want to make a little family of crocheted people (and maybe a dog) to go in it but that will have to wait for another day.

If you want to have a go the pattern is available for £3.75 from our online shop.

If you can’t crochet but you can knit – I am currently working on a knitted version too.

Hope you like it!

Pull up in your campervan and admire the view

Pull up in your campervan and admire the view

Take a seat please
Take a seat please



From the back

From the back



Happy Halloween and a new Bunting page

Happy Halloween!

Anyone having a party tonight?

We’ve just added a new page to our site, this time for bunting.  All occasions catered for, Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Birthdays,Weddings – just let us know.

Here are Spooky and Boo just for Halloween


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!


Win a Campervan Cushion Knitting Kit in our free to enter competition!

Campervan Cushion - splitty

Splitty Campervan Cushion



















Would you like a chance to win a knitting kit for one of our Splitty or Bay Campervan Cushions?  Just follow this link on our Facebook page to find out how to enter.  It’s free to enter so why not pop along and have a go?

The kit will include yarn, pattern, needles and a zip.  All you’ll need to finish is a cushion pad.

Good luck!

Campervan Cushion VW style!

Finally something VW biased in chunky yarn! This VW Splitty Style Campervan Cushion is super quick to knit!

Made in Wendy Serenity Super Chunky yarn which I have to say is really nice to work with and very soft and snuggly!

I decided to do a Splitty first but I’m working on a Bay version too so keep watching.

The cushion has front and back views.

Happy knitting!


VW Splitty Campervan Cushion


Lots of lovely colours to choose from!


And a back view too.

Welcome to Slightly Sheepish

Welcome to Slightly Sheepish, our lovely woolly inspired shop full of gorgeous yarns, beautiful knitting needles, crochet hooks and patterns.  We hope you will enjoy browsing our pages and if you can’t find what your looking for, please do get in touch and we will try our very best to help.

Thank you

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