Chubby Dub Crochet Pattern for a Diddy Campervan

This little Chubby Dub Campervan may only be diddy but he’s got character!

He measures approximately 10cm (4 inches) long and 6cm (just over 2 inches) tall.

To make him you’ll need:

4mm crochet hook
oddments of Double Knitting yarn (I used three colours: Red, White and Grey).
a small amount of stuffing
two small buttons for headlamps (mine measured 1cm/just under 1/2 inch)
2 small orange beads for indicators
1 small ring for a badge (I used jewellery findings)
4 buttons for wheels (2.5 cm/7/8th inch)

(Please note: I am based in the UK and this pattern is written using UK terminology which differs from U.S. crochet terms)

ch – chain
dc – double crochet (this is the same as U.S. single crochet)
st/s – stitch/stitches
tog – together
bl – back loops – this refers to the two loops lying on top of your stitch, the back loop is the one furthest from you
Ldtr – this refers to a long double treble (a double treble is the same as a U.S. treble).  It overlays on top of your work and instructions are shown further on in the pattern.

Instructions (in U.K. terms)

Using 4mm hook and White (W), work 12ch.
(You will be working in rounds from now on, no need to turn your work or slip stitch unless stated otherwise.  When changing colour, work the last yarn over of the stitch prior to the change in your new colour)

start with 12ch

Round 1 – work 3dc into 2nd ch from hook, 1dc into each of next 9ch, 6dc into last ch, now, working down opposite side of ch: 1dc into each of next 9ch, 3dc into last ch (30sts)

Round 2 – 2dc into each of next 2sts, 11dc, 2dc into each of next 4sts, 11dc, 2dc into each of next 2 sts (38sts)

round 2 complete

Round 3 – 2dc, 2dc into each of next 2sts, 12dc, 2dc into each of next 2sts, 3dc, 2dc into each of next 2sts, 12dc, 2dc into each of next 2sts, 1dc (46sts).  Place a marker at the end of this round.

place a marker (just a small length of yarn is fine)

Round 4 – 44dc working last yarn over in Grey (there are actually 46sts but you only need to work 44 on this round)

Round 5 – 4dcGbl (bl stands for Back of Loops), 1dcW, 2dcW into next st, 1dcW, 14dcGbl, 2dcW into next st, 6dcGbl, 2dcW into next st, 14dcGbl, 1dcW, 2dcW into next st, 1dcW (50sts)

working grey stitches into the back loops and white stitches as usual
end of round 5

Round 6 – 5dcG, 3dcW, (1dcW, 1dcG) into next st, 14dcG, 2dcW into next st, 7dcG, 2dcW into next st, 14dcG, (1dcG, 1dcW) into next st, 3dcW (54sts)

Round 7 – 6dcG, 2dcW, 2dcW into next st, dc2togG, 14dcG, 2dcW into next st, 8dcG, 2dcW into next st, 14dcG, dc2togG, 2dcW into next st, 2dcW (56sts)
Break Grey and continue in White

Round 8 – 6dcbl, 4dc, (4dcbl, 1Ldtr) twice (Ldtr is a long double treble – see photos below for instruction), 5dcbl, 2dc, 8dcbl, 2dc, 5dcbl, (1Ldtr, 4dcbl) twice, 4dc working last yarn over in Main Colour (56sts)

work Ldtr into 5th loop
To work long double treble: yarn over twice, insert hook through 5th loop as shown, pick up yarn and pull through, (yarn over, pull through first 2 loops on hook) three times so you’re left with one loop again.

Break White and continue in Main Colour

Round 9 – ss into 1st st, 55dc (56sts)

round 9, slip stitch into 1st stitch

Round 10 – 1dc into ss of previous round, 55dc (56sts)

Round 11 to 13 – 56dc per round (56sts)

end of round 13

Round 14 – work a further 6dc working the last yarn over in Grey, break Main Colour and continuing in Grey, ss into back loop of next st.

round 14 starts with 6dc in main colour and 1 slip stitch in grey

Working in Back Loops of all stitches on this round: dc2tog twice, 15dc, dc2tog twice, 5dc, dc2tog twice, 15dc, dc2tog twice, 4dc (48sts)

end of round 14 and ready to start round 15

Round 15 – working 1st st into ss of previous round: 1dc, dc3tog, 14dc, dc3tog, 4dc, dc3tog, 14dc, dc3tog, 3dc (40sts)

Round 16 – dc2tog x 2, 11dc, dc2tog x 2, 1dc, dc2tog x 2, 11dc, dc2tog x 2, 1dc (32sts)

Round 17 – dc3tog, 10dc, dc3tog x 2, 10dc, dc3tog (24sts)

Round 18 – dc2tog, 9dc, dc3tog, 9dc, dc2tog (20sts)

round 18 finished, ready to sew up your campervan and add some bling!

Fasten off, stuff and then stitch closed.

Now for the fun bit!  Stitch on the wheels, button lights, bead indicators and maybe a little ring for the badge. I added a row of chain stitches front and back for the bumpers.

If you fancy a flower power camper, why not add some embellishments!

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