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  • Campervan Travels Cushion goes supersize!

    Campervan Travels Cushion goes supersize!

    I’ve been itching to have a go at knitting the Campervan Travels Countryside Cushion in super chunky yarn on big needles, no change to the pattern size just BIG! This is the outcome, knitted in a super chunky yarn on a pair of 10mm needles.  I’ve added a simple border and I’m now the happy […]

  • Chubby Dub Crochet Pattern for a Diddy Campervan

    Chubby Dub Crochet Pattern for a Diddy Campervan

    This little Chubby Dub Campervan may only be diddy but he’s got character! He measures approximately 10cm (4 inches) long and 6cm (just over 2 inches) tall. To make him you’ll need: Materials: 4mm crochet hook oddments of Double Knitting yarn (I used three colours: Red, White and Grey). a small amount of stuffing two […]

  • Stash busting Pop Art campervan cushion cover

    Stash busting Pop Art campervan cushion cover

    I’m pretty sure most of us can’t resist squirrelling away lots of yarn, even those little bits and bobs that have been rescued from partially created items.  It seems such a waste to get rid of them yet they aren’t quite long enough to make into “proper” items.  That’s when stash busting patterns are perfect! […]

  • Surf Bus Campervan Tapestry Pattern

    Surf Bus Campervan Tapestry Pattern

    This “Surf Bus” is one three campervan designs which my very clever Dad has created (he’s also done a Bay and a T25 but I’m leaving those as a surprise for another day!). We thought this design would look great as a cushion front so we’ve created a chart for you to follow and make up […]

  • Knit your own Campervan

    Knit your own Campervan

    Have you ever wanted to knit your own campervan?  I couldn’t resist having a go at knitting a 3D campervan. The campervan is made using double knitting yarn and surrounds a framework of plastic canvas. At 30cm long there is plenty of room in there for a mini teddy or two.  Just think of all […]

  • Crochet your own Campervan

    Crochet your own Campervan

    Up until now most of my Campervan projects have been knitted so I thought it was time to give crochet a go. I’ve had the idea of making a 3D model of a Campervan in the back of my mind for a while and crochet seemed like a great way to make something pretty structured. […]

  • Campervan Cushion VW style!

    Campervan Cushion VW style!

    Finally something VW biased in chunky yarn! This VW Splitty Style Campervan Cushion is super quick to knit! Made in Wendy Serenity Super Chunky yarn which I have to say is really nice to work with and very soft and snuggly! I decided to do a Splitty first but I’m working on a Bay version […]