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Knitted Rainbow Colour Wheel Clock









Knitted Rainbow Colour Wheel Clock

Whilst perusing Poundstretcher the other day I spotted a cheap and cheerful clock.  Thinking perhaps that I could “bling” it up a bit I made my rash purchase (£1.99!) and headed home to rummage for inspiration amongst “The Stash”.  This is the end result, a Rainbow Colour Wheel Clock.  I’m sure you guys will come up with your own colour schemes but maybe this will help to get you started 😊


You’ll need:
One Clock – mine had a face with a diameter of 6.5 inches / 16.5 centimetres





One pair of 3.5 mm knitting needles
Oddments of double knitting weight yarn (I used 12 different colours)
Some brightly coloured buttons for your “numbers”
A chunky sewing needle.

Cast on 20 stitches (my clock face had a diameter of 6.5”/16.5cm so you may need to adjust your number of stitches accordingly)
Row 1 – knit
Row 2 – knit 18, turn
Row 3 and each alternate row (up to and including row 17) – slip first stitch, knit to end
Row 4 – knit 16, turn
Row 6 – knit 14, turn
Row 8 – knit 12, turn
Row 10 – knit 10, turn
Row 12 – knit 8, turn
Row 14 – knit 6, turn
Row 16 – knit 4, turn
Row 18 – knit 2, change to next colour and repeat from row 1.
Continue to do this until you have 12 segments then cast off.
Stitch the cast on and cast off segments together to join the circle but make sure you leave a hole in the centre for the pointers.
Cut a piece of cardboard the same diameter as your clock face.
Thread up your sewing needle with some extra yarn and using a running stitch catch the loop of each end stitch around the circle, don’t fasten off, just leave the end loose.
Make a hole in the centre of your card then place it on the wrong side of your knitted circle. Pull the running stitches tight so that the card is now secured then fasten off.
Stitch your buttons in the centre of each colour segment close to the edge of the circle.
Remove the clear cover from the face of your clock. Pull the pin from the centre of the pointers so that you can remove them. Push your card circle into the clock then replace the pointers. You may need to trim or bend the pointers up so that they clear the buttons and don’t become snagged in the knitted fabric.  Once you’re happy that they are spinning properly, replace the clear cover and enjoy!
Don’t forget to share your photos, we’d love to see them 😊

Campervan Travels Cushion goes supersize!









I’ve been itching to have a go at knitting the Campervan Travels Countryside Cushion in super chunky yarn on big needles, no change to the pattern size just BIG!

This is the outcome, knitted in a super chunky yarn on a pair of 10mm needles.  I’ve added a simple border and I’m now the happy (and slightly warmer) owner of a Campervan Travels Countryside Blanket!

If you want to have a go, the Cushion pattern is available here: Knitted Campervan Travels Countryside Cushion.

Just cast on 90 stitches and knit the Front section of the cushion.  Cast off after the last row of the Front and then work the borders as follows:

Border (I used 5 colours)







Using 10mm needles and first contrast colour:

With right side facing pick up and knit 90 stitches evenly along one edge

Row 1 – (starting with wrong side facing) knit
Row 2 – (right side facing) k1, increase 1, k to last 2 stitches, increase 1, k1 (92 sts)
Row 3 – (starting with wrong side facing) knit
Row 4 – (right side facing) repeat row 2 (94 sts)
Break first contrast colour and join second
Rows 5 to 8 – Repeat rows 1 to 4 (98 sts)
Break second contrast and join third
Rows 9 to 12 – Repeat rows 1 to 4 (102 sts)
Break third contrast and join fourth
Rows 13 to 16 – Repeat rows 1 to 4 (106 sts)
Break fourths contrast and join fifth.
Cast off in fifth colour then fasten off and work in any loose ends.

Repeat Border instructions for remaining 3 sides.
Stitch corners of each border section together and work in any loose ends.

Campervan Wheels
I crocheted my campervan wheels using a 6mm hook and Super Chunky yarn:

Using 6mm hook and dark grey work 2ch
Round 1 – Work 6dc into 1st chain (6 sts)
Round 2 – work 2dc into each stitch x 6 (12 sts)
Round 3 – work (2dc into 1st st, 1dc into next st) x 6 (18 sts)
slip stitch into next stitch then fasten off and work in any loose ends.
Repeat for second wheel.

Don’t worry if you can’t crochet, just use oversized buttons or felt to make your wheels.

Don’t forget to post a photo over on our Facebook page if you decide to give it a go!

Happy knitting 🙂


Half Price patterns for May Day 2017!

Just for today we are offering HALF PRICE on all our knitting, sewing and crochet patterns so if you’d like to create a little woolly DubLuv and make your own Campervan or Beetle inspired goodies, please come and have a browse around our store: and then enter the code: MAYDAY17 at the checkout.

Offer ends at midnight on 1st May 2017!


Easter Egg Hunt Crochet Along ( CAL )

My friend Emma and I have been working on a crochet along for Thomas B. Ramsden, the name behind Wendy, Robin and Peter Pan yarns.  Our theme is based around an Easter Egg Hunt.  Between us we’ve come up with patterns to make Chick, Rabbit and Flower themed baskets to collect eggs in. We have rabbit and chick themed headbands for your kids to wear whilst hunting down those elusive chocolate treats (or wear one yourself if you feel like releasing your inner child).  There are little covers for Cadbury’s chocolate eggs (I’m sure you can guess the theme by now) and a Big Bunny Toy  which can also be made to hold a larger Cadbury hollow egg.

The patterns use Wendy Robin Double knitting yarn which comes in a wonderful array of colours (we chose some really bright ones).  The yarn is really well priced and available from many retailers here in the UK. The pattern is free to download so if you’d like to join in with the Easter CAL over the next six weeks just follow this link: TBRamsden’s Easter CAL

Have fun and happy crocheting!


Sheep Dip Island Resort – crocheted happy place!

I’ve had so much fun creating this!

The Sheep first made an appearance at Yarndale last year and they seem to have been well loved.  They’ve had a busy year and I thought that they might appreciate a break.  So, here it is – Sheep Dip Island!  The perfect place for my sheep to get some R & R!

The pool is crocheted around a polystyrene ring.  A pool on its own, no!  I had to fill it with some fun stuff!  A couple of crocheted Palm Trees slung with a very inviting looking hammock.  Lilo, swimming ring, arm bands and a beach ball for the pool dwellers.  A bucket, spade, sandcastle, beach umbrella and towel for a sheep who prefers to spread out on the sand. Happy days!  I wish someone would crochet me a holiday!

If you like Sheep Dip Island you can get the pattern via our website

It comes as a PDF download and is priced at £2.50.

Have fun and happy crocheting!

sheep building sandcastles just hanging around Sheep playing in the pool toes in the water.  It

Yan, Tan and Tethera, the dangly crocheted sheep from Yarndale

Yarndale 2015 was a very busy occasion!  These little sheep made their first public appearance there and seemed to enjoy themselves immensely (though they get a little boisterous when excited!).  I’d made some extras which sold out almost straight away so I thought I’d share the pattern with you.  You can currently get it as a FREE download via our website:

Yarndale – The Egg Cosy Challenge

We will be at Yarndale again this year – a fantastic woolly event held at Skipton Auction Mart, North Yorkshire, 27th and 28th September 2014.

Yarndale will be helping to raise valuable funds for the charity Macmillian Nurses by selling Egg Cosies made by you and also giving you the chance to win a night for up to 12 at Lumley Fee Bunkhouse in the Lake District Courtesy of The Tempest Arms

To find out how to enter just check out this link

If you’d like to use our Bay or Splitty Campervan Egg Cosy patterns to help out we are offering the patterns free via our website until 20th September (the closing date for the competition). Just enter the code “yarndale” at the check out and click the “apply coupon” button.

Have fun and good luck!


Bay Campervan Egg Cosy

Campervan Bauble “Dub Ball” Free Knitting Pattern!

This PDF knitting pattern is to make a Campervan Bauble Christmas tree decoration.  Mine was about the size of a tennis ball and made from scraps of double knitting yarn (DK) on two 3mm (UK11) knitting needles. You can of course knit in the round on double pointed needles (DPN) it’s just that I knit with one needle under my arm and really struggle to get my tension right if I can’t do that! Sad I know!

A Campervan themed festive bauble decoration for your Christmas tree

A Campervan themed festive bauble decoration for your Christmas tree

Think of all the fun you can have making the decoration with all sorts of different campervan colours!  If you get a few on your tree this year be sure to send us a photo, we’d love to see it!

Great as a stocking filler or perhaps a Secret Santa gift and best of all this pattern is FREE!  Just head over to our online shop and have a look 🙂

All you’ll need are a few scraps of yarn, some ribbon and some stuffing or a polystyrene ball.

Doodling with yarn

Sat at HandPicked Hall yesterday I started doodling with yarn, like you do, and found myself crocheting a flower garland (or is it bunting?).  Either way, it helped to keep me occupied and also seemed a good way to use up this odd bits of yarn.  I thought you might like to have a go yourselves so I’m sharing it by posting the pattern for free download on our website.  I’d love to see any photos so please share them on our blog, Facebook or Twitter accounts.crochet flower garland 001