Sheep Dip Island Resort – crocheted happy place!

I’ve had so much fun creating this!

The Sheep first made an appearance at Yarndale last year and they seem to have been well loved.  They’ve had a busy year and I thought that they might appreciate a break.  So, here it is – Sheep Dip Island!  The perfect place for my sheep to get some R & R!

The pool is crocheted around a polystyrene ring.  A pool on its own, no!  I had to fill it with some fun stuff!  A couple of crocheted Palm Trees slung with a very inviting looking hammock.  Lilo, swimming ring, arm bands and a beach ball for the pool dwellers.  A bucket, spade, sandcastle, beach umbrella and towel for a sheep who prefers to spread out on the sand. Happy days!  I wish someone would crochet me a holiday!

If you like Sheep Dip Island you can get the pattern via our website

It comes as a PDF download and is priced at £2.50.

Have fun and happy crocheting!

sheep building sandcastles just hanging around Sheep playing in the pool toes in the water.  It