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Noggin :) Super Chunky Hand Knitted Campervan Beanie Bobble Hats









I love super chunky yarn!  I loose interest far too quickly if I knit with anything less than Double Knit weight yarn so Super Chunky is a firm favourite.  I’ve made up many designs for patterns using Wendy Serenity Super Chunky, a mix of Alpaca, wool and acrylic.  Sadly, it is now discontinued but I had some leftover balls of yarn and whilst trying to conjure up a way to use them I came up with the Super Chunky Campervan Beanie Hat, with optional Bobble.

I’ve had plenty of fun making these, especially since I can knit one basic design of hat and then pick any number of campervan/bobble colours to add to it.  Of course I had to add some sheep too, just for that Slightly-Sheepish element.

If you like the hat too you can get one custom made by following the link below 🙂

The Slightly-Sheepish Shop

Campervan Travels Cushion goes supersize!









I’ve been itching to have a go at knitting the Campervan Travels Countryside Cushion in super chunky yarn on big needles, no change to the pattern size just BIG!

This is the outcome, knitted in a super chunky yarn on a pair of 10mm needles.  I’ve added a simple border and I’m now the happy (and slightly warmer) owner of a Campervan Travels Countryside Blanket!

If you want to have a go, the Cushion pattern is available here: Knitted Campervan Travels Countryside Cushion.

Just cast on 90 stitches and knit the Front section of the cushion.  Cast off after the last row of the Front and then work the borders as follows:

Border (I used 5 colours)







Using 10mm needles and first contrast colour:

With right side facing pick up and knit 90 stitches evenly along one edge

Row 1 – (starting with wrong side facing) knit
Row 2 – (right side facing) k1, increase 1, k to last 2 stitches, increase 1, k1 (92 sts)
Row 3 – (starting with wrong side facing) knit
Row 4 – (right side facing) repeat row 2 (94 sts)
Break first contrast colour and join second
Rows 5 to 8 – Repeat rows 1 to 4 (98 sts)
Break second contrast and join third
Rows 9 to 12 – Repeat rows 1 to 4 (102 sts)
Break third contrast and join fourth
Rows 13 to 16 – Repeat rows 1 to 4 (106 sts)
Break fourths contrast and join fifth.
Cast off in fifth colour then fasten off and work in any loose ends.

Repeat Border instructions for remaining 3 sides.
Stitch corners of each border section together and work in any loose ends.

Campervan Wheels
I crocheted my campervan wheels using a 6mm hook and Super Chunky yarn:

Using 6mm hook and dark grey work 2ch
Round 1 – Work 6dc into 1st chain (6 sts)
Round 2 – work 2dc into each stitch x 6 (12 sts)
Round 3 – work (2dc into 1st st, 1dc into next st) x 6 (18 sts)
slip stitch into next stitch then fasten off and work in any loose ends.
Repeat for second wheel.

Don’t worry if you can’t crochet, just use oversized buttons or felt to make your wheels.

Don’t forget to post a photo over on our Facebook page if you decide to give it a go!

Happy knitting 🙂


Half Price patterns for May Day 2017!

Just for today we are offering HALF PRICE on all our knitting, sewing and crochet patterns so if you’d like to create a little woolly DubLuv and make your own Campervan or Beetle inspired goodies, please come and have a browse around our store: and then enter the code: MAYDAY17 at the checkout.

Offer ends at midnight on 1st May 2017!


Stash busting Pop Art campervan cushion cover

I’m pretty sure most of us can’t resist squirrelling away lots of yarn, even those little bits and bobs that have been rescued from partially created items.  It seems such a waste to get rid of them yet they aren’t quite long enough to make into “proper” items.  That’s when stash busting patterns are perfect!  Crocheted Granny Square blankets are great for this but I wanted to knit something.  I don’t know why but Andy Warhol’s Pop Art “popped” into my head!  The result is this cushion cover – pop art camper vans on the front and stash busting stripes on the back!  I’ve enjoyed it so much I might have to make another one.  For curiosity’s sake I think I’ll try three colours next time.  Hope you like it!pop-art-cushion-front-RFSPop-Art-Campervan-Cushion-Back

Surf Bus Campervan Tapestry Pattern and Kit

This “Surf Bus” is one three campervan designs which my very clever Dad has created (he’s also done a Bay and a T25 but I’m leaving those as a surprise for another day!).

We thought this design would look great as a cushion front so we’ve created a chart for you to follow and make up into a tapestry. We also have a few cushion front tapestry kits available on the website.

This is our finished cushion.

Well done Dad, I think it looks brilliant!  Hope you guys like it too!


Campervan Themed Knit and Crochet Kits now on the website!

Phew! It’s been a little hectic lately!
I had lots of design commissions for “Wendy” Yarns
Then we had Yarndale which was a wonderful woolly festival here in Skipton!
So many people at Yarndale were already buying Christmas presents (sorry, am I allowed to say the “C” word in October?!?) that I thought I’d better get my act together and add some kits to our website.
The result is that we now have yarn kits available for the
and Splitscreen Campervan Shoulder Bags
Splitty Crocheted Campervan Shoulder Bag
Campervan Hot Water Bottle Cover
Campervan Hot Water Bottle Kit
Crocheted Splitty Campervan Cushion

and last but not least the

Knitted Splitty, Bay and Beetle Cushions.

All available in a variety of colours and with or without needles/hooks!
Of course you don’t have to give them as Christmas Gifts – you can just keep them all to yourself 😉
Have fun!

Rainbow Campervans

Not long now until Yarndale which of course is all things woolly.  Felt is woolly too but I’ve put down the knitting needles and crochet hook and picked up my sewing needle instead to make these little Campervan Decorations.

I thought you might like to have a go at making them too so I’ve made up some templates, taken some step by step photos and added written instructions to create a pattern which is now available on the website as an instant PDF download priced at £1.99.

You could make a whole herd of little campervans into a bunting string.  You could add the motif to bags or clothing (just make sure you use a colourfast fabric). You could fill them with lavender. You could use single ones as Christmas Tree decorations…..the possibilities are endless!

I hope you enjoy making them as much as I do!

Rainbow Campers

Make yourself a felt Campervan Decoration

Make yourself a felt Campervan Decoration


Campervan Cushion Cover Competition – last few days!

splitty campervan cushion knitting pattern

Just in case you missed the Facebook posts on Slightly-Sheepish and SnuginaDub we are running another competition to win either a finished Knitted Campervan Cushion Cover or a kit to knit one yourself.

If you’d like to enter all you need to do is send an email to and let me know if you would like a Split, Bay, T25 or Beetle & what colour 🙂

Closing date is 31st August 2014 and you can enter from anywhere in the world!

Splitty Campervan cushion cover Front

Splitty Campervan cushion cover Front

Bay Campervan cushion Cover Front

Bay Campervan cushion Cover Front

BeetleCushion 002

T25 Campervan Cushion Cover Front

T25 Campervan Cushion Cover Front

Sew your own Campervan Bag

Up ’til now I’ve created woolly orientated campervan patterns and I fancied a bit of a change so thought I’d dig out my sewing machine.

The end result is this Campervan Bag which I’ve based on the VW Splitscreen.

The V shaped nose seemed to lend itself perfectly to becoming the flap for the front of the bag. Of course I had to do the rear view too!

The finished bag measures approximately 30cm square so it has plenty of room inside for all your bits and bobs. It has a separate pocket inside too. I didn’t use any fastenings but these would be easy enough to add.

If you fancy making one too the pattern is available on our website as a PDF download for £3.75.

Hope you like it!

Make your own campervan bag - rear view

Make your own campervan bag – rear view

Must have accessory - the Campervan Bag!

Must have accessory – the Campervan Bag!

Plenty of room to keep all your bits and bobs in our Campervan Bag

Plenty of room to keep all your bits and bobs in our Campervan Bag

Knit your own Campervan

Have you ever wanted to knit your own campervan?  I couldn’t resist having a go at knitting a 3D campervan.

The campervan is made using double knitting yarn and surrounds a framework of plastic canvas.

At 30cm long there is plenty of room in there for a mini teddy or two.  Just think of all the adventures they could go on.  Happy days.

The knitting pattern is available via our website and comes as a PDF download.

Happy camping!

Knitted Campervanknitted campervan front viewKnitted campervan rear view

Campervan Hot Water Bottle PDF Knitting Pattern

If you’re quick at knitting there is still just about time to make up one of these Campervan Hot Water Bottle covers as a Christmas Gift. It takes lots of love to make it but only one 50g ball of double knitting yarn (plus some oddments) so it’s very affordable AND very personal!  The perfect gift (or you could just keep it yourself!) The pattern is just £1.99 and available as a PDF download from our Slightly-Sheepish shop. Stay Snug!

Campervan hot water bottle square

Knit this cosy Campervan Hot Water Bottle Cover and stay snug this winter!

campervan hot water bottle close up

Campervans, Snowflakes and Christmas Trees!

Campervan Bauble “Dub Ball” Free Knitting Pattern!

This PDF knitting pattern is to make a Campervan Bauble Christmas tree decoration.  Mine was about the size of a tennis ball and made from scraps of double knitting yarn (DK) on two 3mm (UK11) knitting needles. You can of course knit in the round on double pointed needles (DPN) it’s just that I knit with one needle under my arm and really struggle to get my tension right if I can’t do that! Sad I know!

A Campervan themed festive bauble decoration for your Christmas tree

A Campervan themed festive bauble decoration for your Christmas tree

Think of all the fun you can have making the decoration with all sorts of different campervan colours!  If you get a few on your tree this year be sure to send us a photo, we’d love to see it!

Great as a stocking filler or perhaps a Secret Santa gift and best of all this pattern is FREE!  Just head over to our online shop and have a look 🙂

All you’ll need are a few scraps of yarn, some ribbon and some stuffing or a polystyrene ball.