Noggin :) Super Chunky Hand Knitted Campervan Beanie Bobble Hats









I love super chunky yarn!  I loose interest far too quickly if I knit with anything less than Double Knit weight yarn so Super Chunky is a firm favourite.  I’ve made up many designs for patterns using Wendy Serenity Super Chunky, a mix of Alpaca, wool and acrylic.  Sadly, it is now discontinued but I had some leftover balls of yarn and whilst trying to conjure up a way to use them I came up with the Super Chunky Campervan Beanie Hat, with optional Bobble.

I’ve had plenty of fun making these, especially since I can knit one basic design of hat and then pick any number of campervan/bobble colours to add to it.  Of course I had to add some sheep too, just for that Slightly-Sheepish element.

If you like the hat too you can get one custom made by following the link below 🙂

The Slightly-Sheepish Shop