Welcome to Slightly Sheepish

Hi and welcome to Slightly Sheepish. We would just like to apologise as we’ve been having a few issues with our website. We’re in the process of updating which may mean that things look a little odd for now. Please bear with us, we will be back up and bleating as soon as we can. Sorry for any inconvenience in the meantime.

  • Sew your own Campervan Bag

    Sew your own Campervan Bag

    Up ’til now I’ve created woolly orientated campervan patterns and I fancied a bit of a change so thought I’d dig out my sewing machine. The end result is this Campervan Bag which I’ve based on the VW Splitscreen. The V shaped nose seemed to lend itself perfectly to becoming the flap for the front […]

  • Knit your own Campervan

    Knit your own Campervan

    Have you ever wanted to knit your own campervan?  I couldn’t resist having a go at knitting a 3D campervan. The campervan is made using double knitting yarn and surrounds a framework of plastic canvas. At 30cm long there is plenty of room in there for a mini teddy or two.  Just think of all […]

  • Crochet your own Campervan

    Crochet your own Campervan

    Up until now most of my Campervan projects have been knitted so I thought it was time to give crochet a go. I’ve had the idea of making a 3D model of a Campervan in the back of my mind for a while and crochet seemed like a great way to make something pretty structured. […]

  • Campervan Hot Water Bottle PDF Knitting Pattern

    Campervan Hot Water Bottle PDF Knitting Pattern

    If you’re quick at knitting there is still just about time to make up one of these Campervan Hot Water Bottle covers as a Christmas Gift. It takes lots of love to make it but only one 50g ball of double knitting yarn (plus some oddments) so it’s very affordable AND very personal!  The perfect […]

  • Campervan Bauble “Dub Ball” Free Knitting Pattern!

    Campervan Bauble “Dub Ball” Free Knitting Pattern!

    This PDF knitting pattern is to make a Campervan Bauble Christmas tree decoration.  Mine was about the size of a tennis ball and made from scraps of double knitting yarn (DK) on two 3mm (UK11) knitting needles. You can of course knit in the round on double pointed needles (DPN) it’s just that I knit […]

  • Make our Knitting Patterns your own by personalising them

    Make our Knitting Patterns your own by personalising them

    I love the fact that people use our patterns as a guideline, making them personal by using their own colours and adding embellishments. I just wanted to share a couple with you. First is a Beetle Cushion Cover which Alison adapted to look like her own VW Beetle, Bluey.  I think she has done a […]

  • Anyone fancy knitting a Campervan Christmas Jumper?

    Anyone fancy knitting a Campervan Christmas Jumper?

    Hot off the press just in time for you to knit up as Christmas present for your favourite Campervan enthusiast! (or you could keep it yourself). This pattern is for a snuggly hooded jumper made in lovely soft chunky yarn.  It has extra long cuffs with a thumbhole to keep your hands toasty, a double […]

  • Yarndale and a new Campervan Pattern

    Yarndale and a new Campervan Pattern

    Wow! What a weekend!  Who else went to Yarndale?  There was so much lovely stuff on offer it’s probably just as well I was on the Slightly Sheepish stall and not able to wander around spending because the goodies on offer were very VERY tempting! I hope all of you who visited managed to get […]

  • Campervan Cushion VW style!

    Campervan Cushion VW style!

    Finally something VW biased in chunky yarn! This VW Splitty Style Campervan Cushion is super quick to knit! Made in Wendy Serenity Super Chunky yarn which I have to say is really nice to work with and very soft and snuggly! I decided to do a Splitty first but I’m working on a Bay version […]

  • Doodling with yarn

    Doodling with yarn

    Sat at HandPicked Hall yesterday I started doodling with yarn, like you do, and found myself crocheting a flower garland (or is it bunting?).  Either way, it helped to keep me occupied and also seemed a good way to use up this odd bits of yarn.  I thought you might like to have a go […]

  • Is it Spring yet?

    Is it Spring yet?

    Well, the weather here in Skipton, North Yorkshire had been very undecided as has my wardrobe!  Not quite ready to pack away the winter woollies yet. With Spring in mind I designed and made this crocheted flower cushion cover earlier in the year and took it to Handpicked Hall where it had so many people […]

  • Going Slightly Sheepish

    Going Slightly Sheepish

    We have evolved into Slightly Sheepish having dipped our toes into the world of the VW Campervan with SnuginaDub and discovered along the way that many of its devoted followers, like ourselves, love making things.  We came up with some little felt craft kits to make Dangly Dubs and some knitting patterns to make VW inspired woolly creations.  We have also […]