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  • Party on Girls!

    Party on Girls!

    ‘Tis the season for partying so Anna-May and Elsa-Beth have cast aside their winter woollies in favour of party dresses, new shoes, bags and of course a wrap so they don’t get completely frozen! This knitting pattern is available FREE throughout December 2016 when you purchase the knitting pattern for the dolls,  “Here Come the Girls” […]

  • Hug-a-Bug, the crocheted Beetle

    Hug-a-Bug, the crocheted Beetle

    Who can resist the classic VW Beetle? My Husband had an orange Beetle as his first car.  My eldest son, now 17, wants a Beetle as his first car too! With it’s friendly shape, the VW Beetle was the inspiration for my latest crochet pattern, the Hug-a-Bug.  As with most classic cars, he has been […]

  • Surf Bus Campervan Tapestry Pattern

    Surf Bus Campervan Tapestry Pattern

    This “Surf Bus” is one three campervan designs which my very clever Dad has created (he’s also done a Bay and a T25 but I’m leaving those as a surprise for another day!). We thought this design would look great as a cushion front so we’ve created a chart for you to follow and make up […]