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  • Knit your own Campervan

    Knit your own Campervan

    Have you ever wanted to knit your own campervan?  I couldn’t resist having a go at knitting a 3D campervan. The campervan is made using double knitting yarn and surrounds a framework of plastic canvas. At 30cm long there is plenty of room in there for a mini teddy or two.  Just think of all […]

  • Crochet your own Campervan

    Crochet your own Campervan

    Up until now most of my Campervan projects have been knitted so I thought it was time to give crochet a go. I’ve had the idea of making a 3D model of a Campervan in the back of my mind for a while and crochet seemed like a great way to make something pretty structured. […]