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  • New VW Beetle / Bug inspired Cushion

    New VW Beetle / Bug inspired Cushion

    It’s taken me a while to get this how I wanted it but I’ve finally managed to make a crocheted Beetle Cushion! I hope you like it! I’m hoping to get the pattern written up soon and will add it to the shop so please keep watching 🙂

  • Hug-a-Bug, the crocheted Beetle

    Hug-a-Bug, the crocheted Beetle

    Who can resist the classic VW Beetle? My Husband had an orange Beetle as his first car.  My eldest son, now 17, wants a Beetle as his first car too! With it’s friendly shape, the VW Beetle was the inspiration for my latest crochet pattern, the Hug-a-Bug.  As with most classic cars, he has been […]