Can’t knit on short needles because you knit with a needle under one arm?

I’ve always been very envious of Sock Knitters. “Why would that be?” I hear you ask.  It’s because I cannot (no matter how hard I try) knit on short needles therefore, circular needles, DPNs and anything knitted “in the round” are like tantalising fruit, just out of my reach!
I have finally created a contraption which has enabled me to construct my first sock – in the round! Hoorah!
If, like me, you knit with a long needle firmly stuffed under on arm then this easily made contraption may be of use to you too.
All it is is a piece of FIMO clay formed into a roll of approximately 5cm long and 1.5cm wide. I pushed a hole into one end with a redundant 9mm needle and at the other with my double pointed needle.

I then baked the clay hard in the oven (having removed the needles first!) and hey presto! One needle adapter created!

I can now happily keep the long needle under my arm swapping the DPNs into the hole at the other end as I work my rounds. Yay! One happy person!

Imagine the fun of making brightly coloured FIMO adapters!
I hope this helps other “underarm” knitters who are frustrated at not being able to knit in the round at the same speed they knit normally!