Monthly archive for December 2016

Can’t knit on short needles because you knit with a needle under one arm?

I’ve always been very envious of Sock Knitters. “Why would that be?” I hear you ask.  It’s because I cannot (no matter how hard I try) knit on short needles therefore, circular needles, DPNs and anything knitted “in the round” are like tantalising fruit, just out of my reach!
I have finally created a contraption which has enabled me to construct my first sock – in the round! Hoorah!
If, like me, you knit with a long needle firmly stuffed under on arm then this easily made contraption may be of use to you too.
All it is is a piece of FIMO clay formed into a roll of approximately 5cm long and 1.5cm wide. I pushed a hole into one end with a redundant 9mm needle and at the other with my double pointed needle.

I then baked the clay hard in the oven (having removed the needles first!) and hey presto! One needle adapter created!

I can now happily keep the long needle under my arm swapping the DPNs into the hole at the other end as I work my rounds. Yay! One happy person!

Imagine the fun of making brightly coloured FIMO adapters!
I hope this helps other “underarm” knitters who are frustrated at not being able to knit in the round at the same speed they knit normally!

Snowflake and Holly, The Winter Fairies

So, we’re on the run up to Christmas and the Winter Fairies are very excited about it!  They are both hoping to find new Christmas Trees to live in this winter, preferably in a warm and cosy home.  If you’d like Snowflake or Holly to come and live with you this festive season you can find their crochet patterns over on our website.

Holly’s Fairy wings

They are simple to make from just a few oddments of double knitting yarn.

Holly has a dress of holly leaves and berries whilst Snowflake has, well yes, you’ve already guessed, a snowflake dress.  Maybe you can come up with your own festive fairy.  Please be sure to share a photo over on our Facebook page!

Party on Girls!

‘Tis the season for partying so Anna-May and Elsa-Beth have cast aside their winter woollies in favour of party dresses, new shoes, bags and of course a wrap so they don’t get completely frozen!

This knitting pattern is available FREE throughout December 2016 when you purchase the knitting pattern for the dolls,  “Here Come the Girls” (£1.99) and will be added to your basket automatically, so, get those needles flying and have some fun!  Don’t forget to share photos of Anna-May and Elsa-Beth over on our Facebook page.

The “Here Come the Girls” doll pattern contains instructions for the basic dolls along with patterns for the jumpers, boots, coats and trousers. Oh, and just to make sure they are respectable when they go out, some underwear!

Both the “Here Come the Girls” and the “Party on Girls” patterns use oddments of Double knitting yarn and 3mm & 3.75mm knitting needles.