Monthly archive for February 2016

Stash busting Pop Art campervan cushion cover

I’m pretty sure most of us can’t resist squirrelling away lots of yarn, even those little bits and bobs that have been rescued from partially created items.  It seems such a waste to get rid of them yet they aren’t quite long enough to make into “proper” items.  That’s when stash busting patterns are perfect!  Crocheted Granny Square blankets are great for this but I wanted to knit something.  I don’t know why but Andy Warhol’s Pop Art “popped” into my head!  The result is this cushion cover – pop art camper vans on the front and stash busting stripes on the back!  I’ve enjoyed it so much I might have to make another one.  For curiosity’s sake I think I’ll try three colours next time.  Hope you like it!pop-art-cushion-front-RFSPop-Art-Campervan-Cushion-Back

Sheep Dip Island Resort – crocheted happy place!

I’ve had so much fun creating this!

The Sheep first made an appearance at Yarndale last year and they seem to have been well loved.  They’ve had a busy year and I thought that they might appreciate a break.  So, here it is – Sheep Dip Island!  The perfect place for my sheep to get some R & R!

The pool is crocheted around a polystyrene ring.  A pool on its own, no!  I had to fill it with some fun stuff!  A couple of crocheted Palm Trees slung with a very inviting looking hammock.  Lilo, swimming ring, arm bands and a beach ball for the pool dwellers.  A bucket, spade, sandcastle, beach umbrella and towel for a sheep who prefers to spread out on the sand. Happy days!  I wish someone would crochet me a holiday!

If you like Sheep Dip Island you can get the pattern via our website

It comes as a PDF download and is priced at £2.50.

Have fun and happy crocheting!

sheep building sandcastles just hanging around Sheep playing in the pool toes in the water.  It