Monthly archive for October 2015

Here come the Girls – Doll knitting pattern

I have two teenage boys and a husband so, other than the cat, I’m the only female in the house.  Though I don’t think of myself as a girly girl, I do have the occasional rebellious inclination to make something which could be construed as “girly”.  The “Girls” are my current project!  I’m having lots of fun coming up with new outfits for them but those will come at a later date.  In the meantime, the Girls are all togged out in their winter gear, ready for a chilly few months in Yorkshire!

If you’d like to make them, the knitting pattern is available as a PDF download for £1.99 via our website and includes the instructions for their current outfits: Sweater, Leggings, Coat, Boots and Undies!

If you make one, please feel free to post a photo on our Facebook page – I’d love to see!

Yan, Tan and Tethera, the dangly crocheted sheep from Yarndale

Yarndale 2015 was a very busy occasion!  These little sheep made their first public appearance there and seemed to enjoy themselves immensely (though they get a little boisterous when excited!).  I’d made some extras which sold out almost straight away so I thought I’d share the pattern with you.  You can currently get it as a FREE download via our website: