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We love classic V-Dub Campervans here at Slightly-Sheepish! Our passion for them has inspired us to create a range of knitting, crochet and sewing patterns based on these wonderful classic vehicles. We hope they will inspire you!

Please come and have a look around at our range of patterns, yarn, knitting needles, crochet hooks and kits

Slightly Sheepish x


Who's hoping for Minions of Easter Eggs?! (Day 1)

Who's hoping for Minions of Easter...

Me?  Personally I don't find chocolate remotely despicable but neither do my tee[Read more...]

Stash busting Pop Art campervan cushion cover

Stash busting Pop Art campervan cushion...

I'm pretty sure most of us can't resist squirrelling away lots of yarn, even tho[Read more...]

Sheep Dip Island Resort - crocheted happy place!

Sheep Dip Island Resort - crocheted...

I've had so much fun creating this! The Sheep first made an appearance at Yar[Read more...]

Here come the Girls - Doll knitting pattern

Here come the Girls - Doll...

I have two teenage boys and a husband so, other than the cat, I'm the only femal[Read more...]